Jun 30


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Let’s be frank, I’m a 30 something, single, corporate minded woman who loves to enjoy a two martini lunch or a stop at my favorite cocktail bar on my way home. Lately though, my age and nonstop lifestyle have been catching up to me. I would be groggy after lunch or in a haze in the mornings. I don’t believe all the hype that I hear on radio, or TV about miracle hangover cures, but lately there has been a lot of water filtration media coverage that has been hard for me to ignore. It seems to me, that drinking water that has had all the impurities filtered out of it before I have it should be easier on my kidneys. After all, I put enough strain on them with my dirty martinis, why not reduce their work load by removing the extra stuff in my water.

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Apr 20

Dune Ball

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Deep in the Sahara desert, gladiatorial champions from around the world will compete in the first annual Dune Ball Tournament. The arena is 100 square kilometers and played on the silica sand surface which makes up this hostile terrain. The participants are given a 35lb. lead ball worth its weight in gold. The objective of the game is to survive and to collect lead balls from the dead. The players have a limited choice of equipment sets. They may choose a canteen of water with compass or a .30-caliber bolt action rifle with 10 rounds of ammunition. The game is over when one can successfully find and defend the man-made oasis located at the center of the arena for 3 days. Those who survive to the end will be extracted from the arena. The prize will be their lives and any lead balls they possess, redeemable for gold.

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Apr 18

Worth the Wait

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When I got divorced I never thought I would fall in love with someone again, but it happened sooner than I wanted. Love from a distance, without exchanging words, that’s how I started to feel attracted to a stranger.

He was stoic and reserved with an attitude of pride that attracted me more to him. After spending several months longing that at least he looked at me, one day while sipping coffee in a bakery he asked permission to sit next to me, I felt nervous and turned the coffee on the table, which to my surprise sparked a long and spirited conversation.

After a couple of hours laughing and exchanging more serious issues, we realized that we were right for each other. Who does not believe in love at first sight? I did not believe in it, but after mature dating him for some time my world changed completely.

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Apr 14

Expanding Classroom Education

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Since the invention of Bolton CCTV systems several years ago, many institutions have eagerly adopted the technology as a way to present local interest programming. Today for instance, you will find numerous college broadcasting and media communications departments using this medium to train future newscasters, weather announcers and journalists. Just as college radio stations once provided a practical arena for the development of disc jockeys (and still do in most cases), the arrival of visual media has led to campus reporting teams armed with digital cameras and even professional video equipment scouting their environments for news stories. You may hear diverse press releases from educators in the form of television newscasts beaming from TV sets around a typical campus. The highly local broadcasts inform students and faculty about ongoing development at the institution and entertain anyone waiting to gain access to a class room. Sometimes stories also concern regional public events.

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Jan 10

Regular Cooling System

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It’s warm in this part of the country, even during the holiday season. Air conditioning Manchester is a must have for every home or office, just ask my neighbor. His family always makes sure that their central cooling system is updated seasonally. They have lived here several years, so nobody needs to tell them how important regular maintenance is to any hard working cooling device. It seems like someone is always on their rooftop every few months. This is the best way to make sure that your equipment is running efficiently and never breaks down in an emergency. By doing this regularly for any home, office, or other important place you own, your family will avoid unnecessary costs each year. My neighbor and his family are a great example of how to keep cool during every season. This year, I will be following their example and keeping my cooling system maintained.

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